Behind the cheesesteak.


There's no doubt about it. The cheesesteak sandwich is a pretty iconic piece of Philly food culture. It's our city on a roll. But one thing we noticed—if you wanted to get that authentic cheese steak flavor, you had to get up and actually go to it yourself. Driving into the city, finding a place to park... it's just a hassle. What's more, it was nearly impossible to find someone who'd bring it to a catered setting. Weddings, graduations, birthday parties, you name it—finding a quality, affordable catering-style cheese steak that could be cooked on-site just wasn't happening.

Enter our team. We not only have a love for great food and authentic ingredients (we're all foodies at heart here), but we have a real love for our hometown’s favorite Philly cheesesteak sandwich.


We all wanted to find a way to bring the fun of the “one whiz with” Philly experience to local events and celebrations. But without the right equipment, it was nearly impossible to recreate it.


We created a one-of-a-kind, towable, custom stainless steel cheesesteak grill to our unique specifications.


Now Wizwit Catering is the only catering company serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery and Chester counties that can bring the authentic steak, onions and whiz cheese on locally made rolls to your party to be cooked on-site. We cater every event with the mission to make it a Philly-style celebration.


We can't wait to do it for you.

Want more than a sandwich?

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